Dynamic Aviation Buys Columbine II

In the fall of 2014, Karl Stoltzfus, Sr., founder of Dynamic Aviation, happened across an article about Columbine II, a forgotten aircraft languishing in the Arizona desert. The article stated that if the plane wasn’t moved soon it would be cut up and scrapped. Stoltzfus followed news of Columbine II for months, hoping someone would come forward to save it. When it was clear that no one would, he began taking steps toward buying it.

Inspecting Columbine II

After completing a preliminary two-day inspection which indicated that Columbine II could be saved, a team from Dynamic Aviation flew to Arizona in early 2015 for a more extensive inspection.

Over the next three months, the team inspected every inch of the aircraft. They examined the engines, x-rayed the propellers, replaced fluid lines and spark plugs, cleaned and repaired the fuel injectors, scrubbed the oil tanks, and removed and inspected the tail cone.

After three months of intense work, the team was convinced that Columbine II could be restored and Dynamic Aviation decided to buy the plane.

Work on Columbine II Begins

Work began immediately with volunteers from Mid America Flight Museum and teams from Dynamic Aviation spending nearly a year working on the engines, the fuel system, hydraulic system, electrical system, airframe, and fire system.

The First Air Force One Flies Again

On March 21, 2016, after a year of intense labor, Columbine II once more took to the skies in its first flight since 2003. Columbine II performed beautifully and landed at Dynamic Aviation on March 23.