Stories From the Front

A veteran’s story is priceless. And nothing compares to hearing that story firsthand under the wing of a plane—especially a plane that’s been where that soldier has been. Shortly after Columbine II landed at Dynamic Aviation, a Korean War veteran stopped by for a visit. Just days before, he had watched Columbine II soar over his home in Bridgewater, Virginia.

As he walked around the plane, stepping under the wing and touching the propeller, he told the story of how, as a young man fighting on the 38th parallel along the North Korean border, he had watched as President-elect Eisenhower had flown overhead, escorted by 30 fighter planes. He recounted what it had meant to him, to see the soon-to- be president so close to the frontline.

Now, 64 years later, here he was touching that same plane and sharing a piece of his story. Priceless.